Attending High Schools in USA


From year 2016, TLBU Foundation, Inc. has embarked a new venture, which is to partner with qualified private high schools in the United States, inviting Asian middle school students who would like to pursue their high school studies in USA.

The first US High School that TLBU Foundation is partnered with is St Joseph High School in Hammonton Township, New Jersey.

Benefits of attending High Schools in USA

  • English language training: real life immersion in the English language is going to get students way farther than any classroom in their home country
  • More opportunities in university admission: With a wider range of institutions to choose from, and more liberal standard of college admission, US High School students definitely have more opportunities to be admitted to the top universities.
  • Social acculturation: coming to attend high school in US can prepare students to succeed socially by gaining independence and by taking the leap at a young age.

TLBU’s service for your high school success

TLBU Foundation in the US serves as “home”, “parents”, and “teacher” for the international students pursuing their high school studies in the US.

  • Home: TLBU Foundation owns a resort hotel in New Jersey, USA, which is equipped with 110 hotel rooms, outdoor swimming pool, indoor tennis courts, basketball ground, gymnasium, restaurant and meeting rooms. TLBU sections part of its resort hotel and converts them to bedrooms for the international students.
  1.  Stay: Spacious bedroom with independent bathroom, TV, microwave, fridge, coffee/tea maker, hairdryer, and studying desk.
  2. Food: your choice of American food in the on-site restaurant, or homemade Asian food with the supervising teachers.
  3. Sports activities: summer swimming, playing tennis, basketball or pingpong, working out in the gymnasium
  • Parents: Supervisors/teachers from TLBU Foundation are just like students’ parents in the US. Driving students to school in the morning and picking up students from school in the afternoon, keeping daily contact with the school teachers and administration for monitoring students’ progress, have all been well taken care of.
  • Teachers:
  1. Homework: Teachers in TLBU check and guide students’ homework every day
  2. Pre-view next day classes: TLBU teachers help Asian students preview students’ next day class to catch up the difference in Language competence compared with English-native students.
  3. English Training classes: During after-school hours, the special English training classes help Asian students improve their English proficiency in in the functional areas of Reading, Writing, Structure (grammar), and the combined skills of Listening and Speaking.
  4. Math and Science training classes: TLBU teachers teach advanced math and science classes to Asian students, to further students' excellence in these subjects. 
  • Monthly field study trips: students will be provided the opportunities by TLBU of visiting the major cities in the US, top universities, and other international organizations to be more socially and culturally involved in the US.