About TLBU

TLBU, standing for Transnational Law and Business University, has been developed to a global educational system consisted of a number of educational institutions throughout the world. Through a variety of educational programs, all these institutions are purposed to achieve two very distinctive goals: to educate future leaders of our global society and to strengthen international cooperation and friendship.

TLBU system is composed of TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul, TLBU Global School in Seoul, TLBU Institute in Paris, and TLBU Foundation in the United States.

TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul, Korea

TLBU Graduate School of Law in Seoul is the first educational institution of TLBU system. It selects elite undergraduate students from the top law schools in China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and other East Asian countries, and cultivates its students with two-year effective training for Master of Law program. Even though located in Seoul, Korea, TLBU Graduate School of Law conducts all courses in English, and English is the only allowed official language. During the two-year studies, it also provides its students the opportunity to carry on special field study in International Organizations and European Community laws in European countries, through its affiliate institution in Paris, France. Furthermore, selected students among the graduates will have additional opportunity to enhance their legal knowledge by studying in prestigious law schools in the United States and Paris, France.

TLBU Global School in Seoul, Korea

TLBU Global School in Seoul is the first bilingual elementary and secondary school approved and accredited from Korean Ministry of Education. The school is designed to provide unique bilingual education in Korean and English languages by combining the Korean and U.S. curriculums to achieve desirable educational program.

TLBU Institute in Paris, France

TLBU Institute in Paris provides accommodation and arranges the program for students of TLBU Graduate School of law, and TLBU Global School during their field study in Europe. Furthermore, it is also a research center for TLBU students who pursue their PhD education in France. As part of TLBU Institute in Paris, TLBU International Bilingual School offers a variety of classes for French speaking, bilingual and English speaking people. TLBU International Bilingual School also provides English, French and Chinese language courses to both adults and children. TLBU International Bilingual School also plays an important role in educational exchange program with TLBU Global School.

TLBU Foundation,Inc. in the United States

TLBU Foundation, Inc., as the branch of TLBU system in the United States, was first established in state of Maryland in year 2000, was recognized by Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit educational foundation in year 2001, and was later registered with the state of New Jersey in year 2013. It administers TLBU Oversea Scholarship program in USA, organizes short-term field study program for Asian students in USA, hosts Asian students studying in qualified private American High Schools, provides after-school training program to US High School students, and is also establishing its own private High School (TLBU International High School)in USA.